How much does an abortion cost in Tucson?

How Much is an Abortion in Tucson?

Abortions in Tucson are expensive procedures, generally costing up to $1,200 out-of-pocket or more. Fortunately, there are alternatives that will help you end your pregnancy safely and without the cost of an abortion.

According to national statistics, around 15-20% of all pregnancies will end in spontaneous abortion. This means that you have a decent chance of your pregnancy ending without having to pay the cost of an abortion. The staff at Reachout Women’s Center can help you save money on an abortion by giving you professional medical advice, confidential options peer counseling, and access to resources to help you. During your appointment, you will have all of your questions answered and the nurse or doctor will be able to see whether or not your pregnancy is likely to survive. You will also receive non-judgmental information about your reproductive rights and options for ending your pregnancy.

Before you can have an abortion in Tucson, you will need to have an ultrasound to determine how far along you are. This information determines your exact abortion costs and satisfies Arizona abortion laws, which require you to have an ultrasound to verify a heartbeat. This will cost up to $200 at most Tucson abortion clinics, but Reachout provides these pre-abortion ultrasounds for free.

To schedule an appointment for an abortion ultrasound, call Reachout at (520) 321-4300.

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